Ni-Hard 4 in the cocoa industry

The major cocoa processors in the Netherlands are largely located in the ‘Zaanstreek’ region. This industry makes extensive use of our cast iron products. This photograph shows plates which are mounted against each other to remove unwanted contaminants, such as remnants of jute bags, from the cocoa beans.

Because these plates move back and forth all day long and are exposed to the abrasive action of both the cocoa beans and the unwanted contaminants they are designed to remove, we make them from Ni-Hard 4. This material is exceptionally abrasion-resistant, so the plates have a longer service life. When the plates eventually have to be replaced, we recycle the material.

We regularly produce parts that are no longer available from the original manufacturer on behalf of our customers. In many cases, we are able to slow the rate at which parts need to be replaced by using a better grade of cast material.

Ni-Hard 4 in the cocoa industry


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