Ni-Hard is a chrome and nickel alloy casting able to withstand extreme wear and tear. The most popular casting alloy is Ni-Hard 4, particularly used in raw material processing industries (dredging, cement, stone, cocoa, coal) where many abrasive wear is caused by grinding, pumping and transporting heavy loads.

Available in cast products according to drawing and customer specification. Please note: we do not deliver continuous cast bar stock material!

White solidified cast iron (durable)

Abrasion resistant cast alloys against abrasive wear. (According to: EN 12513 / DIN 1695 / ASTM A532)
EN-GJN-HV520EN-JN2029G-X 260 Ni Cr 4 20.9620GX260NiCr42Ni-Hard 2

EN-GJN-HV550EN-JN2039G-X 330 Ni Cr 4 20.9625GX330NiCr42Ni-Hard 1

EN-GJN-HV600EN-JN2049G-X 300 CrNiSi 9 5 20.9630GX300CrNiSi952Ni-Hard 4More info

EN-GJN-HV600 (XCr11)EN-JN3019

EN-GJN-HV600 (XCr14)EN-JN3029G-X 300 CrMo 15 30.9635GX300CrMo153

EN-GJN-HV600 (XCr18)EN-JN3039G-X 300 CrMoNi 15 2 10.9640GX300CrMoNi1521

G-X 260 CrMoNi 20 2 10.9645GX260CrMoNi2021

EN-GJN-HV600 (XCr23)EN-JN3049G-X 260 Cr 270.9650GX260Cr27More info

G-X 300 CrMo 27 10.9655GX300CrMo271

* This is only a selection of the most common materials in this group!


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