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Ni-Hard 4 / EN-GJN-HV600

Home Materials Ni-Hard 4 / EN-GJN-HV600

Characteristics of Ni-Hard 4

Of today’s abrasion-resistant alloys, Ni-Hard 4 offers the greatest level of abrasion resistance. In addition to offering high abrasion resistance, Ni-Hard 4 is also more resistant to shock loads. This makes Ni-Hard 4 ideal for applications in dredge pumps where stones and other hard solid objects can be sucked into the pump.

The presence of chrome and nickel makes Ni-Hard 4 more resistant to corrosion than cast iron. Ni-Hard4 consists of chromium-iron carbides, retained in a martensitic/bainitic base structure.

Standards / designations
EN 12513 SYM (EU) EN-GJN-HV600

EN 12513 NR (EU) EN-JN2049

DIN 1695 (DE) G-X 320 CrNiSi 9-5-2


ASTM A532 (US) Ni-HiCr, Class I type D

ALT Ni-Hard 4
Mechanical properties
Tensile strength Rm 500-600 [N/mm2]

Elasticity modulus Eo 196 [kN/mm2]

Brinell hardness HB30 550-700 [Kgf/mm2]

Rockwell hardness HRc 53-63
Chemical composition
Carbon C 2.60-3.20 [%]

Silicon Si 1.80-2.00 [%]

Manganese Mn 0.40-0.60 [%]

Chromium Cr 8.00-9.00 [%]

Nickel Ni 5.00-6.50 [%]

Iron Fe Remainder