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Home Materials GX40CrNiSi274

Characteristics of GX40CrNiSi274

GX40CRNISI274 is a high-strength material that is suitable for medium mechanical stresses at a stable temperature above 900 °C. It is typically used in cement kilns, furnaces and hearth grates.

The applications for which this material is suitable include furnaces, e.g. in the aluminium and waste processing industry.

Standards / designations
EN 10295 (EU) G-X 40 CrNiSi 27 4

DIN 17465 (DE) GX40CrNiSi274


Mechanical properties
Tensile strength Rm 515 [N/mm2]

Yield point σ 0.2B 240 [N/mm2]

Elongation A 8 [%]

Elasticity modulus Eo 186 [kN/mm2]

Application temperature 1100 [°C]
Chemical composition
Carbon C 0.40 [%]

Silicon Si 1.50 [%]

Manganese Mn 0.80 [%]

Chromium Cr 27.0 [%]

Nickel Ni 4 [%]

Molybdenum Mo 0.50 max. [%]

Iron Fe Remainder