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Home Materials GX40CrNiSi2520

Characteristics of GX40CrNiSi2520

GX40CRNISI2520 is a material for high mechanical stresses at a stable temperature above 900 °C and is typically used in furnaces and kilns.

The applications for this material include parts for furnaces in the waste incineration and waste processing industry (burner beds for garbage incinerators). In addition, this material is used in the cement industry, for heat treatment baskets and for train parts.

Standards / designations
EN 10295 (EU) G-X 40 CrNiSi 25 20

DIN 17465 (DE) GX40CrNiSi2520


Mechanical properties
Tensile strength Rm 450 [N/mm2]

Yield point σ 0.2B 240 [N/mm2]

Elongation A 10 [%]

Elasticity modulus Eo 186 [kN/mm2]

Application temperature 1100 [°C]
Chemical composition
Carbon C 0.40 [%]

Silicon Si 1.50 [%]

Manganese Mn 0.80 [%]

Chromium Cr 25.0 [%]

Nickel Ni 20 [%]

Molybdenum Mo 0.50 max. [%]

Iron Fe Remainder