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GS-60 / GE 300

Home Materials GS-60 / GE 300

Characteristics of GS-60

GS60 is a non-alloy cast steel with a high tensile strength. This material is mainly used for parts where high abrasion resistance is required. GS60 is a cast steel variant of C60 structural steel.

GS60 is suitable for running wheels, cable sheaves, drums and guide rails among other products.

Standards / designations
EN 10293 (EU) GE 300

DIN 1681 (DE) GS-60


ALT GS60, GS 60
Mechanical properties
Tensile strength σ B 600-730 [N/mm2]

Permanent limit of elongation σ bB 300 [N/mm2]

Elongation A 15 [%]

Brinell hardness HB30 180-220 [Kg/mm2]

Notch impact strength at 20 °C. Av 20 [Joule]
Chemical composition
Carbon C 0.42 [%]

Silicon Si 0.30 [%]

Manganese Mn 0.60 [%]

Iron Fe Remainder