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GGG60 / EN-GJS-600-3

Home Materials GGG60 / EN-GJS-600-3

Characteristics of GGG60

GGG60 has a predominantly pearlitic structure. It is a strong material which can be machined relatively easily in cast form. It combines high abrasion resistance with high strength, but does not perform as well as GGG50 in terms of elongation. It is a general-purpose material, which can be surface-hardened.

The applications for which GGG60 is suitable include forging dies, rotors, shafts, gear cogs, crane pulleys, running wheels, cable sheaves, high pressure valves for gas and water, pumps and lift pulleys.

Standards / designations
EN 1563 SYM (EU) EN-GJS-600-3

EN 1563 NR (EU) EN-JS1060

DIN 1693 (DE) GGG60


ASTM A536-584 (US) 80/60/03

ALT GGG 60, GGG-60
Mechanical properties
Tensile strength Rm 600 [N/mm2]

Yield point σ 0.2B 380 [N/mm2]

Elongation A 3 [%]

Brinell hardness HB30 190-270

Elasticity modulus Eo 174 [kN/mm2]

Kerfslag Av [Joule]

Compressive Strength σ dB 1000 [N/mm2]

Shear stress σaB 540 [N/mm2]

Ferrite content 20-60 [%]

Nodularity type I+II min. 85 [%]
Chemical composition
Carbon C 3.4-3.85 [%]

Silicon Si 2.3-3.1 [%]

Manganese Mn 0.1-0.3 [%]

Sulphur S 0.02 max. [%]

Phosphorus P 0.10 max. [%]

Iron Fe Remainder