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GGG40 / EN-GJS-400-15

Home Materials GGG40 / EN-GJS-400-15

Characteristics of GGG40

GGG40 is the most commonly used nodular cast iron alloy and has a predominantly ferritic structure. This cast iron offers excellent machinability combined with good impact resistance, high electrical conductivity, good elongation properties and magnetic permeability. The material cannot be welded.

Because GGG40 is extremely tough, it is suitable for components that are subjected to large forces; e.g. levers, chain links, housings, brake shoes and connecting rods.

Standards / designations
EN 1563 SYM (EU) EN-GJS-400-15

EN 1563 NR (EU) EN-JS1030

DIN 1693 (DE) GGG40


ASTM A536-584 (US) 60/40/52

ALT GGG 40, GGG-40
Mechanical properties
Tensile strength Rm 400 [N/mm2]

Yield point σ 0.2B 250 [N/mm2]

Elongation A 15 [%]

Brinell hardness HB30 135-180

Elasticity modulus Eo 169 [kN/mm2]

Notch impact strength at 20 °C. Av 10 [Joule]

Compressive Strength σ dB 800 [N/mm2]

Ferrite content min. 85 [%]

Nodularity type I+II min. 85 [%]
Chemical composition
Carbon C 3.4-3.85 [%]

Silicon Si 2.3-3.1 [%]

Manganese Mn 0.1-0.3 [%]

Sulphur S 0.02 max. [%]

Phosphorus P 0.10 max. [%]

Iron Fe Remainder