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GG25 / EN-GJL-250

Home Materials GG25 / EN-GJL-250

Characteristics of GG25

GG25 is the most commonly used cast iron alloy. This material offers a good combination of strength and abrasion resistance, but is still easy to machine and can be finished to a high standard. It is a lamellar cast iron with a predominantly pearlitic structure. Heat treatment to increase hardness is not recommended.

GG25 is similar to GG20, but – due to the slightly finer structure – offers a higher tensile strength. This makes it suitable for machine components that are subjected to higher mechanical stresses.

Standards / designations
EN 1561 SYM (EU)EN-GJL-250

EN 1561 NR (EU)EN-JL1040

DIN 1691 (DE)GG25


ASTM A48 (US)40 B

ALTGG 25, GG-25
Mechanical properties
Tensile strengthσ B250[N/mm2]


Permanent limit of elongationσ bB450[N/mm2]

Compressive Strengthσ dB950[N/mm2]

Brinell hardnessHB30180-240[Kg/mm2]

Elasticity modulusEo110[kN/mm2]

Shear stressσaB290[N/mm2]
Chemical composition



SulphurS0.10 max.[%]

PhosphorusP0.30 max.[%]