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GG20 / EN-GJL-200

Home Materials GG20 / EN-GJL-200

Characteristics of GG20

GG20 offers exceptional machinability and is extremely resistant to heat and corrosion. This material is also easy to finish and extremely effective at damping both sound and vibration. The strength and abrasion resistance of this material are limited.

GG20 is used for all types of machine parts that are not subjected to high mechanical stresses. For example, it is ideal for fire grate bars in old steam locomotives and for grate bars in steam-powered boats. GG20 is used for street furniture such as balustrades and bridge lamp posts, but also for ingot casting moulds in the gold and silver industry.

Standards / designations
EN 1561 SYM (EU)EN-GJL-200

EN 1561 NR (EU)EN-JL1030

DIN 1691 (DE)GG20


ASTM A48 (US)30 B

ALTGG 20, GG-20
Mechanical properties
Tensile strengthσ B200[N/mm2]


Permanent limit of elongationσ bB400[N/mm2]

Compressive Strengthσ dB800[N/mm2]

Brinell hardnessHB30170-210[Kg/mm2]

Elasticity modulusEo100[kN/mm2]

Shear stressσaB230[N/mm2]
Chemical composition



SulphurS0.10 max.[%]

PhosphorusP0.30 max.[%]