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Home Materials G18NiMoCr36

Characteristics of G18NiMoCr36

G18NiMoCr36 is hugely strong and resistant to fracture and cracking. The material can be used at temperatures from -40 °C up to +40 °C. It is used to make highly stressed components in gearboxes and transmission systems in vehicles such as trucks, buses and construction site vehicles. It is also a suitable material for manufacturers of systems and equipment which require weldability and good mechanical properties.

This material is categorised as a high-strength steel. It is delivered with a certificate. The special heat treatment process makes this material suitable for parts used in cranes, heavy military vehicles and shipping.

Standards / designations
EN 10293 (EU) G 18 NiMoCr 3-6

SEW 520 (DE) G18NiMoCr36


ASTM A217 (US) WC4
Mechanical properties
Tensile strength Rm 780-930 [N/mm2]

Permanent limit of elongation σ 0.2B 630 [N/mm2]

Elongation A 12 [%]

Brinell hardness HB30 270-300 [Kg/mm2]
Chemical composition
Carbon C 0.17-0.22 [%]

Silicon Si 0.60 [%]

Manganese Mn 0.80-1.20 [%]

Chromium Cr 0.40-0.90 [%]

Nickel Ni 0.60-1.00 [%]

Molybdenum Mo 0.40-0.70 [%]

Iron Fe Remainder