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Casting of iron and steel is a craft that has been around for millennia. With one aspect that’s always been the same: quality takes an enormous amount of knowledge and experience. As a family company we master this skill for over a hundred years.

From the first to the current generation with the same motto: “It doesn’t matter whát you want us to make, as long as we’re allowed to do it well.” A mentality that has made us grow from a small iron and steel foundry to an international supplier of end products with high-quality alloys. In other words: custom casting!

Our products find their way to machine builders and manufacturing companies as well as large-scale industry (including cocoa, coal, cement and dredging, crane construction, glass/waste processing and energy sectors). In addition, we make ornamental and railings for bridges and street furniture (benches, lampposts) on behalf of municipalities. We also work for various construction companies, often during restoration of historic buildings.

What is not sold in regular trading, we custom make for you. From plain cast iron to high-quality alloys that make your materials and production components ultra strong, durable or heat resistant. We are proud to introduce ourselves to you: we are Dijkkamp, fire masters with passion!


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