Casting offers a nostalgic vision to Dutch streets for already many hundreds of years. We all know the many iron railings in canal cities such as Amsterdam and Utrecht. But around the country, both large cities and small villages accommodate many majestic cast ornaments. In our existence, we have cast countless items of ‘street furniture’ commissioned by municipalities and city architects. From lamppost to baluster fence. View our extensive range of nostalgic balusters.

Since the nineteenth century, cast iron
is widely used in urban planning.

Evidently a sustainable choice, because nowadays cast street furniture is still present in most cities. Bridge railings, lampposts, fences, park benches; together they have a great influence on the nostalgic character of a town or village. It is for good reason that present-day designers and city architects ask us to manufacture the creatively complex shapes they conceive. For example, using GG20 for bridge lamp posts.

View our extensive range of nostalgic balusters.


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